Restore Bath Soak

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A restorative mineral rich bath salt soak made with salts, green clay and a refreshing blend of essential oils. Soothe your aching muscles or tired mind after a long day.



Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Dendritic Salt, Ventilated Green Clay, Rosemary powder, essential oils.


Essential Oils



Calming effect on the mind and warms emotions. Helps soothe aching muscles and relieve feeling of stiffness and cold. Slightly warm and spicy aroma.

Black Spruce

Beautiful tree scent, smells like the forest. Excellent for soothing aching muscles and lifting your spirits. One of my favourite essential oils!


Overall balancing for emotions, may help when feeling low or over burdened. May be supportive to the immune system. Strong, clear, penetrating and refreshing herbal aroma.

Bay Laurel

A small amount has been added to the formula due to its strength. Warming and relaxing to the mind. Helpful for aches, pains and sprains. Sweet and spicy aroma,