The Story of Meld

Inspired by Nature

Meld create's beautiful oil based products hand blended with passion and a reverie for the natural world which are then left to meld producing uniquely beautiful products which provide a delightful olfactory experience with a therapeutic benefit.

Through your senses Meld aims to improve your state of mind and body and aid you to find peace and joy through a sensual olfactory experience. Meld's beautiful aromatic and nourishing creations are designed to create a magical experience that will invigorate you, calm you or create that sense of love and harmony that we all crave. Meld aims to stand out in a world of beauty and wellbeing oils as a unique and desirable competitor to enhance your self care rituals through the exclusion of synthetic ingredients and respect for plant power!

Meld Botanicals, otherwise known as Meld was founded by Allison Baird in 2018 in East London in order to provide beautifully crafted and skilfully chosen holistic oil blends to enhance the well being of the people who use it. Allison has long been interested and fascinated by the natural world specifically the plants and trees around us, well crystals and stones too! She trained as a herbalist in Edinburgh in 2008 and is currently learning the art of natural perfumery and loves working with essential oils. Allison currently works in Mental Health and has sought to combine her passion and knowledge of the medicinal power of  plants with her desire to help others to create a product line with the goal to improve people's  mental health and overall well being.

The melding process is where alchemy comes into play and can typically take from three days to a week. Initially, some of the oils might stand out after they are added to the blend. Allowing the blend time for the different components to meld and marry allows the final fragrance and effect to change qualitatively. It's the alchemy aspect of the work..."the whole is greater than it's individual parts"...which fascinates and inspires.